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wanted - secret admirers






Heart shaped candies and pink boxes of chocolate are popping up everywhere, so I’ve decided to do a project inspired by love. The ever so complicated feeling is one of my favorite things to draw about – not just love of your significant other, but love of your family, friends, or even a complete stranger. It’s messy, wonderful, heart wrenching, heart expanding, and arguably one of the most important things in our lives. Amidst all of the complicated stuff love can also be surprisingly simple and fun. It’s mysterious, but it’s something for everyone.

So here’s the deal – for the next ten days, I want to try and send out 100 anonymous secret admirer postcards, and I hope you’ll help me! Here’s how:

If you fill out the form here I will send an anonymous personalized drawing on a postcard to the person of your choosing. All you need is a mailing address and someone you are particularly fond of. (Note: the postcards are free and will stay anonymous. I’ll make them on first come, first serve basis until valentine’s day or supplies runs out.)

Let’s do this! Surprises are fun, and everyone deserves a little extra love. Check back over the next couple weeks to see what people are getting. #secretadmirerpostcards



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