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about me
hello! my name is georgia koch, and i’m an artist currently living and working in los angeles, ca. i like to draw (a lot), and i post a lot of those drawings here. i’m a child at heart with a cynical sensibility and a taste for inappropriate humor. i also know the lyrics to a surprising number of bad rap songs. when i’m not drawing, i’m trolling the internet and making videos.


Hello Pleasure

does your character have a name? no.

where are you from? i’m originally from washington, dc, and have lived in los angeles, ca, since 2011.

how old are you? 24 years old.

is all of the artwork yours? yes. unless otherwise noted, all images and text are created by me.

do you sell your work? yes. you can currently buy a selection of my work from society6. if you are interested in purchasing a different print or original, you can email me directly and i will let you know if it’s available.

do you do custom drawings? absolutely. i love to collaborate and making drawings for someone is one of my favorite things. if you are interested in a collaboration, work-for-hire, or commissioning of my work please email me directly. in the past i’ve made t-shirts, graphics, posters, zines, and comic books in addition to selling prints or original drawings.

can I feature you on my blog? of course! if you are interested in using any of my work for your blog or website, just make sure you let me know. 

are your drawings appropriate for children? only some of them. but those some can be great and are tagged with kids.

comments & privacy: your email address or personal information given via blog comments, email or mailing list will not be sold or used under any circumstance.